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Luke Bryan Social Media Promotion

Fandezvous executed a wildly successful social media based promotion involving Facebook and Twitter. Here are the details.


Fandezvous created, managed and administered a Wheels Up promotion to fly a grand prize winner to see the Luke Bryan Farm Tour date in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Challenge

Fandezvous was tasked to drive buzz and engagement for its client by activating a Wheels Up VIP campaign. The activation would need to catch the attention of a core demographic of women, 25-44.

If you’ve ever been to a Luke Bryan show, you know that he hits that target demo spot on. The challenge was that the client had very limited budget and that we only had 21 days to execute.

1. Objective

Our objective and challenge, was to drive massive engagement for the benefit of our clients and brand partners. But we’re not satisfied with simple likes or retweets. We believe that the currency of social is more substantive than a simple like. We drive specific calls to action in each of our promotions.

2. Timeline

We continue to prove that social media doesn’t require long lead times. In fact, long lead times can be detrimental to social promotions. From partner approval, we can launch promotions that compel off the hook engagement in under 7 days.

The actual duration of the campaign is designed to run 72 hours max, from start to finish. So in this instance, we knew we had ample time, although the client was extremely anxious.

That anxiety is borne from having to deal with other, more traditional advertising agencies who need the typical 6 months of planning. In today’s technological age, that’s absurd!

Our partners dictate the geographic and demographic targeting. Our job is to match a specific social media based promotion to successfully reach their desired audience in a way that traditional advertising can’t.

3. Solution

Fandezvous once again activated an audience well and beyond all expectations.

We researched relevant sports and entertainment properties and chose an opportunity that we felt could provide for a successful initiative that would meet the Client’s stated objectives.

We developed a customized “Wheels Up” activation wherein we would fly a winner and their guest to Tallahassee, Florida to see Luke Bryan, live in concert in VIP fashion.

We knew, based upon our internal data, that we could activate an audience and that we could compel them to respond. Our plan was to massively increase activation by getting users to participate in a meaningful way.

We knew from experience that an activation of this type enables our clients to deeply connect with social users and build an ongoing relationship with the audience.

4. Results

The promotion was a resounding success. The Client enjoyed:

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