I want to know that someone really wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Anybody can retweet a message or like a Facebook post. I want to see that you’re motivated to come down to Fort Lauderdale to meet me.

Show me in a 6 second Vine or a 15 second Instagram video that you’re excited about having lunch with me and picking my brain. The criteria for the video is simple. I want to know how bad you really want it.

Sure, a trip to Fort Lauderdale is nice. The beaches are beautiful and we live in our own corner of paradise. But if you’re doing this for a trip to the beach, you’ve got the wrong mindset.

I’m going to give you a tour of our magnificent new corporate headquarters. I’m going to introduce you to some members of my team who helped me build our $3 Billion empire. I’m offering you a priceless look into the business world that few seldom see.

Now it’s up to you to decide what it means to you and how you’re going to show me that I need to pick your video.

Wow me! Let me know why I need to pick you. Good luck and maybe I’ll see you in Fort Lauderdale.