America’s Best Hoodie!

Our country and way of life is under siege by enemies both foreign and domestic. Maybe by some in our own Government. We all know that Obama is on the verge of instituting some kind of Executive Order to further his illegal pledge for gun control.

But those who dare to tread don’t know, or understand, the resolve of the American people.

Just as when King Leonidas told Xerxes, we’ll never surrender! Not our way of life, not our communities, and certainly not our right to bear arms.

Not when thugs think it’s ok to gun down our citizens while they’re walking down the street and not when our police officers are made targets and gunned down for sport.

“Come And Take It”

That’s why we’re featuring this Molon Labe Limited Edition Hoodie. This hoodie is a high quality, heavy duty sweatshirt with a very tailored look. You will absolutely love the quality and fit of this sure-to-be long lasting hoodie that makes a bold statement.

This item is a must have for any firearm enthusiast and Constitution loving American.

Your purchase of the Molon Labe Limited Edition Hoodie will serve to help support our initiative to end “identity politics.”

Merry Christmas!



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