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Fandezvous Ticket and VIP Package Guarantee

Your VIP tickets are issued with a money back guarantee

The Fandezvous Money-Back Guarantee

As a seller of premium and custom tickets and VIP packages, our business is predicated on ensuring that our clients have the best possible experience. And that protection starts with your purchase.

You’re protected. Here’s how:

Fandezvous safeguards your entire transaction from fraud and other dangers with our money-back guarantee!

Our 200% Guarantee: Our Worry-Free Guarantee

We offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee if:

  • Your order is accepted, but not delivered
  • Your order is accepted, but delivered too late for you to attend the event
  • You’re denied entry because of the tickets or invalid tickets were provided by one of our valued partners

And, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if:

  • Your event is cancelled entirely with no rescheduled date

Please understand that we also must be protected. In that regard, we will need verifiable proof from the venue in written letter format that the event was cancelled. We will work with you to obtain the information from the venue should the even indeed be postponed or cancelled.

Accordingly, in the best interests of all parties concerned, tickets or passes that are merely stamped as “void” do not constitute verifiable proof.

In the unlikely cancellation of an event, the 100% refund for a cancelled event includes any shipping costs that you may have incurred.

Our money-back guarantee means you’re absolutely secure!

Why You’re Secure:

All the tickets sold on Fandezvous.com are guaranteed to be authentic tickets valid for entry to the event concerned. Customers should contact us ASAP ( 888-900-1933 or by email) if there is any problem using their tickets at the venue.

Please be advise, for your security, all deliveries are made to the address listed by the purchaser during checkout. We guarantee that the tickets will be shipped to the purchaser in sufficient time so that at least one delivery attempt is made before the event occurs.

Please note that the purchaser is responsible for making himself or herself available to receive delivery of the tickets when a delivery attempt is made.

If an event is permanently cancelled, a refund will, of course, be issued.